The Most Beautiful Weddings – Popup With Style

Popup With Style are putting the FUN back into weddings! If they had a theme song, it would be ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ by Queen which is a fitting choice for this team of wedding styling and planning experts – their enthusiasm for creating and delivering awe inspiring weddings is infectious!

The Popup With Style team are magic makers that create the most picture perfect weddings from the ground up at some of Victoria’s most unique locations. This month, we were thrilled to take 5 with the creative geniuses at Popup With Style to get their expert wedding style and event planning tips for the season ahead.

How did you get the awesome idea to create bespoke ‘pop up’ weddings at unique destinations?

We decided that there needed to be someone who specialised in weddings that can be built in a unique way, from the ground up…and Popup With Style was born!  We are passionate about injecting FUN back into the wedding planning journey, ensuring our couples are enjoying the process.

Favourite colour palettes or style trends for the wedding season ahead?

‘Colour is the new black’ – we are absolutely LOVING the injection of bright colour palettes into the industry.  These days couples are focusing more on injecting personality rather than tradition – which we can’t get enough of!

If the Popup With Style team had a message for brides / grooms to be this wedding season – what would it be? How can they make their lives easier and stress less before the big day?

Hire us….hahaha!!  We are the wedding experts, the creatives, the planners + new besties!  We are completely invested in your love story.

Whilst we are foremost in the business of love + fun, there are obviously benefits to having us in their corner. Weddings are our jam – we do this all day, every day. We know the trends, have strong relationships with quality vendors, understand what’s required for a wedding day to run smoothly from setup to packdown and everything in between.

PLUS – always focus on the LOVE.  That is why you are planning a wedding, and everything that matters after.

DIY Tip for event planners – what can event planners do easily for their home or office celebrations to create a bit of mood?

Lighting & music!  Knowing your client really well is also very helpful for creating the mood/vibe they will dig!

Contact the team of wedding experts at Popup With Style to start planning your dream wedding! 




Feature image and image #4: Venue Manager, Planning & Styling: Popup With Style, Photographer: Daniel Brannan Photography, Furniture, Glassware & Cutlery: Complete Function Hire, Florist: Poppy Culture, Catering & Plates: Mr Hall Catering Co, Perspex Plinths & Table: Meaps, Linen: Di Simmons Linen ,Suit: Mickey Blue Mornington, Wedding Dress  : Amante Bridal (Emmy Mae), Bridal Headpiece & Cuff: Jeanette Maree, Hair & Makeup:  Sophie Knox Makeup,  Male Model: Rory Pierce, Female Model: Frankie Evans

All other images: Popup With Style, Ivory Tribe, Daniel Brannan Photography, Rachael Mary Films, Poppy Culture, One Day Bridal, Make Up By Sophie Knox, Frankie Evans, Clover Culinary Projects, Complete Function Hire, Sally Rose White Label

The Most Beautiful Wedding Trends for 2018 – Toko Events

On this week’s blog, we had the pleasure of speaking to the passionate team of wedding and event experts at Toko Events.

Toko Events are completely obsessed with helping couples create their dream wedding – whether you need an event manager and a stylist to take care of every detail or to manage your event, Toko Events thrive on making everything just perfect.

An incredible styled photoshoot by Toko Events at The Line, Furniture: Complete Function Hire, Styling and Arch/Chuppah: Toko Events, Photographer: Pretty Flamingo, Florist: Georgie Boy, Bangin Hangins (decor).

Judith Weizman explained that “Just as a general note about Toko Events… we absolutely love weddings, we love working with people and relationships with our clients is our biggest priority… when we take on a wedding, we are in for the whole journey with you. As a wedding planner, our focus is on bringing our couples vision to life, ensuring they are comfortable with the process and always updating them along the way so they feel completely in control without taking on any of the stress”.

Music to wedding planner’s ears! For added awesomeness, the team at Toko Events shares a passion to make the world a better place by donating 10% of all profits to a non-profit organization.

What are the Toko Events team’s wedding style trend predictions for this year?

It’s all about celebrating love and having a great big party! Photographer: Jeremy Blode Photography

Couples are looking for something unique and they want to create a wedding which is a celebration of love and a great big party. We are definitely moving away from the “conventional wedding” and this excites us because we can become really creative with our offerings and have some fun with the styling and planning. I think we will see more bold colour choices and couples choosing expressive and bright colour combinations both in florals and other styling elements – custom neons and signage are big and we love playing around with cheeky quotes!

What are the Toko Events team’s favourite colour palettes of the moment?

We are loving the mixture of textures and deep colours – love playing around with the emerald and blush tones and pairing these with lots of big branches and delicate florals for contrast. Burgundy, peach, pinks and foliage – heaven!

Team faves – what are the team at Toko Events crushing on right now?

We are loving couples choice of signage with playful phrases and the personal touches. We also cannot get enough of candles – simple, beautiful and romantic! Also, have you seen Bangin Hangins? They turn any space into a party!

An amazing mixture of textures and deep colours. Photographer: Free the Bird
Florals: Georgie Boy

What’s new at Toko Events?

Our Chuppah and Arch Range and our package to organise a couple’s ceremony which is especially helpful if it they are wanting ceremony and reception in different locations – we will take care of furniture, styling, timings, music and anything else that is needed.

“As a wedding planner, our focus is on bringing our couples vision to life”. Toko Events. Photographer: Free the Bird, Florals: Georgie Boy

Top tip for wedding planners?

Celebrate your love with the people you love. Photographer: Dan’O’Day

It’s really easy to get caught up in the stress of the planning and ideas of what your wedding should be… and it is just SO important to remember the reason you’re getting married… to celebrate your love with the people you love and keep that as the focus. For couples, choose suppliers you get along with so the people on your wedding journey could also just be your friends… and then it will all be much easier and so much more fun!

The team at Complete Function Hire love working closely with Toko Events to create Melbourne’s most stunning weddings. Discuss your special day with Complete Function Hire today.

Winter Wedding Style Report – My Wedding Decor

The team at Complete Function Hire love being part of amazing winter weddings! Winter weddings have grown in popularity over the years for so many reasons including cost savings, amazing photography opportunities and longer reception times.

On this week’s blog, we were thrilled to chat to passionate wedding industry expert, Elizabeth Hollingsworth from My Wedding Décor to get the low down on her wedding style predictions for the winter months and beyond.

Weddings, Wedding Stylist, Wedding Decor
Gorgeous Melbourne wedding style by My Wedding Décor.

What are your wedding style predictions for winter and beyond for the rest of the year?

The Instagrammification of anything bridal means many couples now plan weddings to be admired on social media, whether they work in hospitality and events (and want the publicity) or not. Their wedding simply has to look good enough to garner love hearts, likes and comments – so their choice of suppliers becomes crucial.

This means couples have become increasingly sophisticated about the importance of “points of impact” at their wedding which build to tell their specific relationship story.

Decor, Weddings, Wedding Stylist
The Instagrammification of anything bridal means many couples now plan weddings to be admired on social media.

These points of impact begin at the invitations (which set the scene), and include the wedding dress and bridal party clothing and accessories, the aisle decorations, signage, the décor around the pre-dinner drinks, the wow-factor piece that amazes guests upon entering the venue dining area, the fully coordinated tablescapes and the clever decorative details on the gift table, bridal table, and dessert and/or grazing table, and photo opportunity areas.

My prediction is that couples will increasingly endeavour to cover as many of these points of impact as they can so their wedding photos “break the internet”!

For wintertime wedding style, the bare-leafed trees and pale sky outside virtually demands visual drama. This is the ideal time to make strong monochrome statements with a pop of shock-value colour such as deep plum, emerald or apricot.

What colour palettes or themes are proving popular for Melbourne brides?

White flowers and green foliage with decorative highlights in silver, gold, copper or brass remain an evergreen palette choice for Melbourne brides.

Decor, Tablescapes, Weddings, Winter Weddings

Popular themes include an increasingly masculine rustic style that veers towards the medieval Game of Throne look: think rugged country tables, masses of pillar candles, burnished copper candlesticks, and iron-topped lanterns.

There has also been a growing interest in woodland-cum-Alice-in-Wonderland fantasy themes with moss runners, placemats, table numbers and gold candelabras.

Metaliic cutlery
Metallic touches continue to trend.

The prettily reflective vintage-style mercury glass bowls in rose gold, gold or silver filled with David Austin roses on mirror strips or rounds with matching tea light holders continues to be popular.

What are your favourite wedding trends of the moment?

My favourite wedding trends are an increasing use of modern transparent or reflective materials to create a contemporary feel and to play with light. Some of these include customised neon signs, Perspex welcome signs, LED illuminated seating plans, glass display cloches (a sly nod to Beauty and the Beast), and mirrored acrylic table numbers. Food as entertainment is another trend, such as fairy floss carts, customised lollipops, personalised cookies, and antipasto/cheese/pizza/popcorn/ice cream/cupcake food stations. These are instant guest magnets!

What’s new at My Wedding Décor?

Some of our newest items include rainbow iridescent cutlery, Perspex seating plans and guest place cards, red mercury glass balloon fairy lights, personalised copper name napkin rings, baby olive tree sapling guest favours, 3D-printed grass and flower aisle runners, and 100cm-tall gold floral centrepiece stands.

weddings. hire
Perspex seating plans are a stylish and on trend option for winter and summer weddings.

Click here to talk to the team at Complete Function Hire about your winter (or Summer!) wedding today.

Complete Function Hire’s Top 4 Chairs to Complement Your Wedding Venue

Chair Hire, Furniture Hire, Melbourne wedding, wedding hire

At Complete Function Hire, we are honoured to provide furniture hire for beautiful Melbourne weddings. We often work with Brides to Be, wedding stylists and venues that are looking to complete their wedding style by adding a chair to complement their desired look. We are always amazed to see the difference a chair makes to tie a wedding theme together. Here are our team’s top picks to suit every kind of wedding style.

Bentwood Chair

The beautiful Bentwood chair is synonymous with elegance. One of our most popular chairs for hire, The Bentwood chair is perfectly at home in any wedding venue and fits in with a classic or a modern wedding look (available in walnut, black and white).

Tiffany Chair, Furniture, Furniture Hire Melbourne, Weddings
The Tiffany Chair is a timeless classic.

Tiffany Chair

A timeless classic, the Tiffany Chair is both glamourous and graceful. Coming in black, white, crystal and gold, the Tiffany Chair is a sought-after addition to complement any wedding style.

Prouve Chair, Furniture, Furniture Hire, Party Hire, Weddings
The Prouve Chair is chic and stylish.

Prouve Chair

One of our latest additions, the Prouve Chair is simply striking. A replica of the famous Jean Prouve Standard Chair – designed in 1934, this chic piece of furniture comes in several colours as well as as Stool version (perfect for cocktail style weddings) including black, white and a range of primaries and pastels for those looking to add a splash of colour to their wedding.

Ghost Chairs

The Ghost Chair is a stylish piece of furniture that fits in so well with any wedding style. The Ghost Chair is clear and subtly fits in to any wedding venue, adding a very unique touch.

To find out more about our huge range of furniture, equipment and décor to hire for your special day, contact the friendly team at Complete Function Hire today.

The Most Beautiful Wedding Trends for 2017

Weddings, Wedding, Melbourne Wedding, Bride

The team at Complete Function Hire are lucky to work closely with Melbourne’s foremost wedding and event planners. Our strong relationships with Melbourne’s best stylists and wedding planners sees us being involved in many incredible weddings, events and photoshoots.

On this month’s blog we spoke to Lauren Ellis, Director and Event Planner at Melbourne’s Wedding Planner. Lauren and the lovely team at Melbourne’s Wedding Planner are wedding obsessed stylists and planners that are meticulous about all the fine details that go into making your wedding perfect. They also have that special eye for all things beautiful and we were thrilled to get their advice on the most sought after wedding style trends for 2017.

What are the trends for Melbourne weddings in 2017?

Tall floral centerpieces are still trending from 2016 and growing by the metre! Abundant greenery and native flowers are making an appearance in bouquets, arbours and even table runners this year. Hexagon’s are also trending and being used for place card tiles, favours and even hanging from the ceiling. Unique and lavish floral back drops and installations will also be very popular for 2017 weddings.

 What colour palettes / styles will be popular for this year?

Metallics are in this year – especially gold and copper which will continue to feature on the table (centerpieces and cutlery). Blush paired with metallic is gorgeous and will continue to be a popular choice for weddings this year. All things white will always be in style for weddings and marble is the new favourite for Melbourne brides.

Wedding, Weddings, Melbourne Weddings, Wedding Supplier
Melbourne’s Wedding Planner worked closely with a team of wedding suppliers and the creative team at Party With Lenzo to create this stunning look. See article for supplier credits.

What are the more interesting / out there wedding style trends that you have seen?

Donut walls (and we aren’t complaining!!!) are the latest addition to weddings and events as Melbourne continues its obsessions with gourmet donuts. This was featured at the Melbourne Cup Carnival last year in the Yellowglen Marquee and now has found its way to many weddings and events. We love this unique trend as it’s a great way to add wow factor and supply your guests with an extra touch of food. Who doesn’t love donuts right?!

What are the most popular Melbourne wedding hire items for furniture, décor etc.?

In terms of furniture hire, the Melbourne wedding classics are definitely the Tiffany or Bentwood Chairs which lend themselves well to many wedding styles. Other popular wedding hire items for this year are candy carts and peacock chairs to suit the bohemian wedding style.  Ceremony arches and arbours are always in trend and this year it’s all about the seriously large, abundant and spectacular floral centrepieces.

Party With Lenzo Photoshoot

Weddings, Melbourne weddings, bride, wedding inspo
Stunning wedding style inspiration by Melbourne’s Wedding Planner and Lenzo.

This shoot (full credits listed at the end of this article) was organised with the amazing ladies at Lenzo. We set up at the beautiful Estate Trentham and worked with many amazing suppliers on the day. The team had an incredible vision and Complete Function Hire were amazing enough to contribute their Ghost Chairs that worked so well on the gorgeous colourful bridal table – the Ghost Chairs are such a stunning addition to any table.

Contact the friendly team at Complete Function Hire for all your wedding hire needs and be sure to speak to our friends at Melbourne’s Wedding Planner to make your dream wedding a reality.



Thank you to the amazing team at Melbourne’s Wedding Planner for sharing their wedding style tips and these images of their collaboration with Lenzo with us! Photography by Kas Richards. Supplier credits and thanks go to Kas Richards, Lenzo, Belle Loves, Lark, Cami Repellin, Isabella Quinn, The Estate Trentham, Bianca Bonnici Cakes, Pickawall, Jane Hill Bridal, Belle Balloons, Raven and The Rose, Kallure Jewellry, Harry The Hirer, POPS Australia, Co.Co, Amelia Lane Paper, Something Special Photobooth.


Complete Function Hire’s Top 4 Wedding Style Trends For This Wedding Season

The team at Complete Function Hire know how stressful wedding planning can be! After all – it is your special day. We are busy preparing for the upcoming wedding season – as are Melbourne Brides to Be. There are so many things to consider for your special day and your planning all starts with choosing your wedding style. This wedding season, there are so many unique and gorgeous styles to choose from and the team at Complete Function Hire have got all your bases covered with our huge range of furniture, equipment and table settings. Here are our top wedding style predictions for this wedding season.

Bentwood chair hire function and event hire melbourne
Romantic wedding styling by Miss Mooie Event Styling (Photograph by Qlix Photography, Floral by Floretta By Grace, Featured on SMP Wedding)


Melbourne brides are opting to go DIY this wedding season. Wedding inspiration and wedding planning tools are popular and abundant on social media and we are seeing more and more brides choosing to plan and style their wedding themselves. There are many elements to consider when organising your wedding styling – from furniture hire to crockery and cutlery. Many brides are choosing to source fresh flowers and asking friends and family to help them create their own centrepieces and table settings. Working with a trusted and experienced wedding supplier will assist you in being able to create your wedding style vision on the day. At Complete Function Hire, we pride ourselves on helping to guide brides and wedding planners on what type of equipment and furniture is appropriate depending on the desired look, the venue and the guest numbers.

Formal Elegance

We welcome the return to formal elegance this wedding season. The more traditional wedding style returns this season, bringing back all things old fashioned and glamourous. Our Bentwood Chairs are an essential addition to achieving elegant wedding style. Our gold charger plates will be sure add a touch of old fashioned glamour to your table settings.

Metallic Touches

Furniture Hire Melbourne Event Functions
Gorgeous wedding styling by One Day Your Way featuring our gold cutlery

Bronze cutlery will make a stunning impression this wedding season and will complement either modern styling or a more formal look. Wedding fashion reports are predicting the popularity of metallic fabrics and touches for this summer. Add a point of difference and metallic glamour to your wedding style by incorporating metallic cutlery for your table settings. For a pop of colour, we also have a beautiful metallic blue range.

Pretty Pastels

Pretty pastels create the perfect summer wedding style. Pastels accents will be popular this wedding season and we are proud to offer some gorgeous pastel pieces to create you perfect wedding look from our pastel blue hair pin range of furniture to our pink pastel punch bowls, we can help create a gorgeous pastel look for your wedding.

For advice on how to achieve your ultimate wedding style look contact the team at Complete Function Hire.